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If you have a restaurant, bar or event that you want reviewing or promoting, or would like to set up an interview. Please contact me using any of the below methods, or comment on this page and I’ll be happy to answer any enquiries.

Twitter: @andydhare


4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Andy,

    If you’re ever around Coventry for lunch on a Thursday, a new innovative project aimed at increasing people’s skills and awareness surrounding the food system host a ‘cafe takeover’ and offer really delicious, usually vegan, always affordable food. Local people are actively encouraged to get involved through joining our ‘Cook Off’s’, which involve experimental shared cooking, as well as to get to the roots of food sourcing by getting involved in our community growing space.

    I came across your blog & thought it’s worth sharing in case you have any friends in the area that may be interested.


    • Thank you. That sounds really good and a brilliant community resource. I can’t promise but I may give it a mention shout out on my blog at some point, I presume it’s a permanent thing on a Thursday. I may pop down at some point too myself.

      Thanks for the shout out.


  2. Hi Andy, I emailed Tom Cullen from “I Choose Birmingham” recently to ask for some vegetarian reviews, and he pointed me in your direction. I have enjoyed reading articles on your website, thank you. My wife Debbie and I are just about to celebrate 40 years of going out together (37 years of being married) AND one year of being vegetarian (after watching Cowspiracy!). We are planning an evening out at 1847 Birmingham to celebrate on 8th November. I don’t know if you need any restaurant reviews from members of the general public, but I would be happy to send some in if you could use them. I have been reviewing for Trip Advisor (no great claim to fame, I realise!) for many years and certainly find the view of others entertaining and useful (occasionally). Thanks again for the website which we will undoubtedly use frequently. Best wishes, Tauny

    • Hi Tauny,

      Many thanks for contacting and your interest in my blog. I’m glad you are enjoying it and finding it a useful resource and inspiration for your eating out. Unfortunately at the moment I’m not entertainingly guest blogs but might be in the future. I’d be happy to keep your name on file and contact you if this changes and see whether you still want to do it. Sorry about that but hope you can still keep writing and enjoying eating out. Bistro 1847 is a good choice but if you haven’t been to Opus Restaurant you should consider there too as their veggie menu is always good. Thanks, Andy

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