The Blue Piano restaurant and bar

After the Edgbaston.

My wife and I have always been big fans of The Blue Piano’s sister restaurant Blue Ginger in Kings Heath. So we had always been keen to try their Edgbaston restaurant and bar.

The Blue Piano is a family run restaurant specialising in real South East Asian cuisine from Singapore,Cambodia and Malaysia. A culinary delight of flavours, if Blue Ginger is anything to go by.

First though we had to find it. Remember we had been to the new Edgbaston bar, and had a couple of seductive cocktails. We left the bar and found ourselves on Highfield Road, now I’ve never been very good at knowing my left from my right so I suddenly felt confused. We managed to find it but we were slightly late for our dinner reservation due to the aforementioned cocktails, and Highfield Road seemed unfamiliar and not a bit like Kings Heath High Street.

I plumped for left (good choice) and eventually after 5,minutes we found The Blue Piano ( no thanks I add to Google maps though). Even when we reached the restaurant we still weren’t convinced we had found the right place due to the look of the building, which is Victorian, but seemed like an old run down hotel or even care home. Anyway, we walked in and again became confused as there wasn’t anyone around to greet us. Then, as if by magic a waitress appeared and looked pleased to see us even though we advised that we were 15 minutes late.

Not to worry though. On sitting down we noticed the restaurant was split into a number of rooms, and was very quiet and didn’t have a piano . There was quiet jazz music in the background which was pleasant.

On looking at the menu we found some familiar and unfamiliar dishes from Blue Ginger in Kings Heath.

We decided to share a vegetarian platter for two (though my wife isn’t vegetarian she like veggie food. Good job I say!).

The sharing plate we chose includes what could be my all time favourite dish. The carrot cake. It is not sweet, but is a sticky spicy wonder of subtle flavours that is superb. The cake refers to the way the rice flour binds the ingredients. It is spiced gently and has carrots, mooli, rice cakes and spices which was equally as good at Blue Ginger.

Also included in the platter was a dish called Popiah which is a fujan spring roll- a mini pancake rolled and filled with vegetables, which was crisp and spiced perfectly so that it complimented the carrot cake. Finally the platter included sweet potato fries, which are Ginger infused sweet potato wrapped in rice paper and deep fried. Anything deep fried is good by me, and these went perfectly with the subtlety spiced dipping sauce and as a whole dish was a superb introduction.



By this time we were feeling very relaxed and content.

The main course I ordered was the shitake mushroom, green bean, cauliflower, and sweet potato green curry. This was delicious. A green curry cooked with coconut which was of medium strength and had a superbly subtle flavour. It was beautifully cooked. The vegetables all complimented each other, and the gentle coconut flavour wrapped itself around them like a warm duvet. We had ordered a rothi paratha bread which is good for mopping up the sauce like a naan, and the jasmine steamed rice which I find thickens the sauce if combined and gives any curry an extra dimension in flavour and consistency. The dish was superb. There were also three other main course vegetarian dishes which also looked lovely.




We passed on deserts as we felt quite full and instead ordered two coffees to finish a fine night.

Throughout we found the service to be friendly, informative and prompt.

The Blue Piano is a superb restaurant. It has many qualities, it is good value for food which is made with such skill and care. It is in a building that has character though was quiet on the night we visited, but when it has live music (on a Friday) would be full of atmosphere. It has a lovely garden for parties and chilling with a beer. It has superb vegetarian options, with plenty of choice. Always a bonus.

We noticed it has a good value lunch menu of two courses for £9.50.
Superb value for the dishes on offer.

Once upon a time Edgbaston seemed sleepy and a place you drove through. Now it has good food options, and with The Edgbaston bar nearby makes for a good night out with that special foodie combination of good cocktails, drinks and food.

The old Edgbaston has moved out it seems and the new one has moved in, a bit more smart, more confident and more discerning.

The Blue Piano’s food certainly feels and tastes the part and we should all be pleased about that.

The Blue Piano restaurant and bar
26 Harborne Road,
B15 3AA

0121 454 6877



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