Peat Free Freaks release: Birmingham Whisky Club last event of the year. 

My favourite kind of whisky is the Peaty variety found mainly around the Isle of Islay in Scotland. The smoky phenolic quality almost medicinal is the stuff to drink by a roaring fire listening to it reading a M.R James ghost story. The peaty character comes from burning peat under the barley before milling and mashing. The process makes for a indulgent rugged dram. 

The Birmingham Whisky Club, the city’s only whisky events company, is revving up the peat for it’s last event of the year, ‘Peat Freaks’. An evening showcasing a selection of peated whiskies from around the the world.

Peated whiskies are often considered to be the “Marmite” of the whisky world, so this is your chance to try an amazing lineup, develop your own palate and make up your mind. After the sell out success of ‘Peat Freaks Part Four’, join The Birmingham Whisky Club for an exciting evening of discussion, education and discovery as we venture to Islay and beyond.

Whether you’re a hardened peated whisky drinker or a newcomer to the genre, join local whisky expert Craig Mills on Thursday 26th November to learn more about the process, the history and taste through six specially selected whiskies at The Wellington. Get ready to try some limited releases, brand new offerings and firm favourites.

Amy Seton, founder of The Birmingham Whisky Club, comments: “Here are the Birmingham Whisky Club, we always look forward to this time of year. It’s one of the most exciting evenings in the whisky club calendar and always divides opinion and inspires debate. ‘Peat Freaks’ often inspires the most controversial debate amongst our community, but the fact we’ve had to put on a second date this year just proves it’s popularity amongst whisky novices and experts alike.”

Tickets for the event are priced at just £30 each (not including booking fee) for all whiskies and a guided tuition through the range. For more information (including the lineup for the evening) and to book a place, head to our ticket page. For other information and upcoming events, check out our social media sites:

Facebook/Birmingham Whisky Club. 

For information about The Birmingham Whisky Club please visit

The Birmingham Whisky Club is Birmingham’s only dedicated whisky tasting events company. We offer a diverse range of tutored tastings and whisky-themed events in and around Birmingham, including themed and rare whisky night’s, events with distilleries, whisky and food matching, and private and corporate events. We welcome everyone, from complete beginners to the more hardened whisky buff.  

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All photos courtesy of The Birmingham Whisky Club. 


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