Blogiversary: Happy Birthday Veggie Foodie. One year old today 🍰🍷🍸🎂🎉

This time last year I launched my Vegetarian food blog I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone, and to be honest that I’m still writing and loving blogging so much. 

When I began my aim was to celebrate vegetarian dining and eating out and make vegetarians aware of the great places (and not so great) to eat in Birmingham and beyond. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve had some brilliant meals and drinks over the last year. 

Notably Purnells, Epi, Opus Restaurant, Lasan, Bilash in Wolverhamptin, Nomad, Bisro 1847, Raja Monkey and Vanilla Black in London, and Northcote near Blackburn and Turners-look out for reviews soon. 

The rise of street food in Birmingham has given vegetarians increased options as to where to eat, and with the added bonus of not been forced to sit down. It’s also a bit of a crawl so you can mix and match dishes and types of food, and drink. 

Restaurants in Birmingham have got better at understanding that vegetarians don’t always want to eat veggie burgers, pasta or risotto, though when they are cooked well using good seasonal ingredients they can be superb. I’ve had some of the best pasta dishes in Italy, that are tomato based, and just because of the simple ingredient, the tomato. The rise in the independent bar. Cafe and restaurant in the city is also good news for veggies and my blog has alway favoured the independent business and its creative originality. 

Before I began my blog I ate at some wonderful restaurants with Ruth that I didn’t blog about and hope to return to one day. 

Please excuse me for making a short list, but some of the best vegetarian dishes I’ve had have come at 

Arzak in San Sebastián, 3 Michelin starred in Spain, exquisite dishes. Notable deserts. 

 L’Enclume- Simon Rogan’s restaurant in Cartmel Lake District, probably the best meal I’ve ever had. 

Le Manoir, Raymond Blanc’s restaurant/hotel in Oxfordshire, a superb veggie menu. A great place to stay. 

Alyn Williams at The Westbury in London, 

Castle Terrace andNumber one in Edinburgh, 

Benares in London, the finest indian food I’ve eaten. 

The Ritz in London, it’s the Ritz…and was beautiful with excellently creative veggie dishes. 

To name a few.. And just a month or so before I launched my blog The Cross in Kenilworth, which now has a Michelin star, but hadn’t then, and served such a beautiful vegetarian menu. 

So lastly, just to thank everyone who has followed my blog, and has been so supportive on social media. I’m not mentioning names, but I hope people know who they are. 

Plus a big thank you to all my fellow food bloggers in Birmingham and beyond who have been kind and supportive and welcomed me into their community and world. It’s been a pleasure meeting some of you. 

Here’s to the next year and more great vegetarian food. Keep your eyes peeled for some changes in how Veggie Foodie looks, and hopefully some more exciting foodie discoveries on the horizon. 

Happy Blogiversary. 

Thanks for reading 😊 and been part of my veggie foodie journey I couldn’t have done it without you all. 


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