Streetfoodin Birmingham is a major success story, yet there aren’t that many completely Vegetarian and vegan traders that showcase their food.

One of the vegetarian and vegan traders is KuskusFoods who specialise in vegetarian food inspired by the Middle East.

They are a family business who produce quality freshly prepared inspirational receipes for Farmers Markets, Corporate events, and private functions.

A real vegetarian and vegan food hero.

Begining over 20 years ago, Moses the chef learnt his recipes in the Middle East and then had the idea of creating a business that would attend farmers markets showcasing all he learnt in the countries he visited. Fresh, healthy, Middle Eastern food.

Moseley Farmers Market is one of the places to find KusKus foods where they provide high quality veggie and vegan dishes.

Kus Kus Foods are Vegetarian Society approved and can be found at Moseley Farmers Market on the last Saturday of the month and the MAC food fair on the last Sunday of the month. This weekend. As well as Solihull, Stratford Upon Avon and Harborne on other dates. See below.

Note They will be at The Malvern Autumn show this weekend. Saturday and Sunday.

Dishes such as
Lebanese Falafal with naked humous,
Arabic veggie kebabs with sweet chilli,
Lebanese Mousaaka,
Moroccan plum and sweet potato tagine.

are available at the venues below.

The food by Kus Kus Foods sounds yummy, I haven’t tried it yet, but please look out for them at a food market near you.

Kus Kus Foods for a taste of veggie/vegan food heaven.

Office: 0121 373 2805






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