Opus reveals newly-refurbished Kitchen Table Dining experience. 


Opus at Cornwall Street is introducing its newly-refurbished ‘Kitchen Table’ dining experience, where guests can enjoy their meal at a special newly designed table  in the heart of the restaurant’s kitchen.
Surrounded by the bustling kitchen, diners can see their dishes being created by Opus’ talented young team and enjoy a bespoke five-course tasting menu, which is tailored around the guest’s preferences, (including vegetarian) served by the table’s own dedicated waiter. 

With each course introduced by the chef, the Kitchen Table is a dinner party like no other, with guests getting an insight into the provenance of the food and the techniques used in its creation.

Ben Ternent, executive chef at Opus, said: “The Kitchen Table brings an added dimension to dining with us. Customers are able to see how the whole kitchen operation works, have a tour of the different sections and learn about how we source from our family of artisanal suppliers around the British Isles. 

The Kitchen Table also gives my team a rare opportunity to interact directly with the customer, to explain what we’ve created and how, and to listen to their feedback.”

Originally launched in 2009, the Kitchen Table has been given a complete makeover as it continues to rise in popularity. Plates and wine glasses from Fiskars’ ‘Tanssi’ range have been introduced, as well as newly upholstered chairs. In keeping with the rest of the restaurant, the Kitchen Table has now been clothed and a new, organic feel has been introduced through the addition of beech and ceramic tiles.

The Opus Kitchen Table seats up to eight diners and costs £75 per person or £110 per person with wines to match each of the tasting menu’s five courses. A new four-course bespoke menu has also been introduced for lunch time.

For more information about Opus restaurant, visit 


0121 200 2323

Photos courtesy of Opus and Clive Reeves PR. 

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