Review: Treat Greek Deli in The Great Western Arcade, Birmingham. 


The Great Western Arcade in Birmingham City Centre is one of the loveliest arcades to browse and pick up independent shop treats. 

Greek Food in the city has been up to recently been in my opinion not the go to food for vegetarians, with many Greek restaurants been generally uninspiring and meat heavy. The most recent opening in the Great Western Arcade is a small Greek Deli called Treat. 

Treat Deli sits at the Snow Hill Station Side of the arcade and offers high quality and home made pies, pasties, salads, healthy smoothies jams, preserves, olives and Greek Coffee-Hot and cold. 

As well as this cakes, olive oils, and herbs, coffee, and tea are on display to take away or eat in its small (with a small seating section) cosy inside. 

It brings together food from different regions of Greece all in one place. 

Run by a Father-Daughter team (George and Angeliki Xiarchou) I was invited by them to sample their vegetarian offerings. 


Tables outside Treat Deli.


What struck me about Treat Deli is how proud and how enthusiastic Angeliki is, and that passion runs through the family and is reflected in the baked goods on offer. The food is beautifully displayed with clear labelling and looks incredibly tempting and inviting. I’m a sucker for pies, pasties and anything baked. It’s a comfort thing I think. 

For vegetarians there are numerous cheesy pie options, plus a fennel pie, pumpkin pie, a tiropita, (cheese pie), a leek roll and a mixed vegetable pie (Skopolos) which is divine. Also the pre packed salads including a delicious Greek salad are available if pastry is not your thing. 


I tried their feta cheese skopelos which was lovely. Creamy feta with delecate herbs stuffed into a golden and well made pastry. Filling, tasty and would make a lovely lunch to take away or eat inside. 

Traditional food is what Treat deli specialise in, bringing the sunny tastes of holidays to the grey pavements of Birmingham. 

I also sampled the mixed Vegetable Skopolos which I enjoyed so much that I went in again the following week to buy some for dinner and share with Ruth. We both loved it, full of vegetables in a water crust pastry, beautifully flavoured. A divine accompaniment to potatoes at home or to take away. 

What also struck me was the size of the pies which are generously big. Which is good by me. 

I also tried a Baklava, which was delicious too. The Baklava which is also claimed by Greece as well as Turkey was a rich, sweet filo pastry with chop nuts and a honey filled flavour. Syrupy sweet, very nice, recommended.

Other sweet treats are available. 

  Pies and baklava 

  Baklava from Treat Deli


Skopolos mixed vegetable pie. 


At Treat Deli I also tried the Freddo (cold) cappuccino. If was beautifully refreshing and went superbly with the pastry. 

  Inside stool seating at Treat Deli. 

    Better than over the arcade. 

  Olive oils 

  Salads at Treat Deli. 

 Herbs at Treat Deli. 


Treat Deli is a relaxed place. Ideal for those working or passing through the Business district around Colmore Row. It’s a lovely place to take a break in, and amongst a few standout shops in the Great Western Arcade its another Gem on the independent foodie trail in Birmingham City Centre. 
It feels authentic. It’s a taster of the delights of their homeland and is made, presented and sold with passion and great care. 

For Vegetarians, who fancy a savoury munch or who want to remember sunnier days on holiday its an ideal stop off its ideal and proves that you can get a good vegetarian pie in Birmingham. 

Thanks for reading 

Andy 😊

Thanks to Angeliqi and Demos for their time, hospitality and enthusiasm. You have a fan. 

I was invited down to Treat Deli to sample and give feedback on some of their vegetarian food complimentary. My opinions are honest as always. I was not required to write a review. 

Keep an eye out for their traditional Christmas goodies. 

Treat Deli, Great Western Arcade, Birmingham. 

Open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

Saturday 9am-6pm.



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