Purely Vegan Store: Kings Heath, Birmingham opens. 

Kings Heath in South Birmingham is becoming the place for Vegans and Vegerarians to live. 

Hot on the heals of the Brum Yum Yum and Vegan Grindhouse does veggie/vegan streetfood event on the 19th July  news of a fantastic new opening reached me this week via Facebook. 

This week The Purely Vegan Store opened its doors at 271 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath. 

Though I’m not a vegan, I can appreciate that this is big news as the information reaching me suggests that this store will be the largest purely vegan store independently owned in Birmingham, and a thoroughly cool place for vegans to shop and hang out. 

Information on the stock is vague at the moment, so the best move is to go down and check it out. I think they are open to requests on what stock to have in the store, but I’m sure it wi sell the standard vegan food stuffs and goodies. From the photos on Facebook it looks as if it has a big fridge which helps. 

I’m looking to pop down myself shortly ,  so I can update the pictures and news of products and services on offer. Their is a website that is under construction. So the best place to find them is on Facebook and Twitter at the moment. 

Facebook: Vegan Store

Twitter: @theveganstore


As I mentioned earlier Kings Heath is becoming a cool place for Vegans and Veggies to visit or live. 

The regular monthly Brum Yum Yum has a good selection of veggie/vegan streetfood from all or some of The Vegan Grindhouse, Bare Bones Pizza, with its vegan and veggie pizza, vegetarian Bombay Tapas, Pietanic, and Vegan Mexican Mex it Up. Plus good options at Other traders. 

Also recommended are resident Vegetarian cafe/restaurant Veg Out Cafe, plus The Kitchen Garden Cafe, The Loco Lounge with its vegan menu and Cherry Reds which does good veggie and vegan options including a highly regarded Vegan breakfast. 

Find the  Purely Vegan Store at

271 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 6EB. 


Thanks for reading. 

Andy 😊 


Photos from Vegan Store Facebook page. 


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