Nomad re-opening in November. 

 One of the best vegetarian experiences I’ve had this year or any year is from Nomad. Whilst their pop up was in Kings Heath, Ruth and I visited a couple of times to try their innovative take on modern vegetarian cooking. It pushed the boundaries with their textures and foraged ingredients.  

Presenting unique dining experiences that are an exploration of nature, memory and place Nimad provide a unique dining adventure.   

 Thankfully Nomad is re-opening (permanently) from Friday 13th November onwards in Birmingham city centre at BOM Lab, 1 Dudley Street, Birmingham B5 4EG. 

 They will be serving snacks, small plates and in evenings fixed multi-course menus with full cocktail and experimental drinks matching (think wood ant gin and tonic (not veggie) seaweed vodka and edible cocktails). 

They will also be introducing non-alcoholic fresh juice & temperance flights for their guests who do not wish to drink alcohol.

Nomad will be open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 16:00 / and Wednesday – Saturday 18:00 – late.

Brilliantly Nomad will continue to serve food based on nature, memory and place, working closely with their allotments, foragers, gamekeepers and small local farms to create a snapshot of British produce in the moment.  
Reservations are now live for November and December. See below.

See you there. 

Thanks for reading 

Andy 😊


Reviews of Nomad from Veggie Foodie:

Nomad is opening on Friday 13th November at BOM (Birmingham Open Media) Lab, 1 Dudley Street, Birmingham B5 4EG.


BOM (Birmingham Open Media) is a creative collaborative workspace for art, technology and science.


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