Veggie burger watch: The Kitchen Garden, Kings Heath, Birmingham. 

The Kitchen Garden is one of my favourite places to visit. Be it breakfast, lunch or just a piece of cake and cup of tea, it covers all bases and covers them in a cosy cosseted kind of way. Just taking the walk through the winding path through the garden centre and past the organic food shop feels reassuring and lifts the gloom on a cloudy rainy day. 

Entering this tranquil oasis there’s an abundance of choice for Vegetarians and Vegans and all with a nod to local and ethical sourcing. I’ve tried and reviewed most of the key elements to the hot veggie food menu for breakfast and brunch, but had never tried the veggie falafel burger that at £7.95 is competively priced and decent value. 

The better veggie burgers have a balance of flavour and hold well in the bun. For this The Kitchen Garden falafel burger is a success with a good falafel filling that with the halloumi makes a filling burge that has a nice depth and isn’t too stodgy. 

The chips though aren’t the best. A bit cool, a bit off coloured and rubbery for my liking and not to the standard I’d like with this decent veggie burger. 

It Came with coleslaw and a nice original salad including chick peas, lettuce and red onion, which I liked as it wasn’t too powerful a flavour with the burger. 

Falafel burger at Kitchen Garden 

The Veggie Falafal burger is a very decent choice of lunch time indulgence at The Kitchen Garden Cafe in Kings Heath, and if their chips could be as good as their sister Fletchers next door then this dish would be amongst the best in the area. I suppose that’s something to work on and proof that a good chip goes a long way in making a fantastic burger meal perfect (Or certainly near). 

The Kitchen Garden is a lovely cafe and this veggie burger is well worth eating again. 

A good lunch time meat free choice. 

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We paid for our food and drinks ourselves. My opinions are honest as always. 

Review: Veggie Burger Watch: Jekyll and Hyde, Birmingham. 


I think you can tell a lot about a pub/restaurant by its veggie burger. Vegetarian burgers can be tricky to make as they sometimes don’t hold their shape and the consistency in the ingredients are imbalanced and hence the flavours and textures don’t quite work. I’m on a quest to find the best veggie burger in Birmingham. Of course I’ll eat them anywhere, but that is where I live so why not. I like a challenge. 

The Jekyll and Hyde is one of my favourite pubs in Birmingham City Centre. Owned by independent Bitters n’ Twisted the people behind Birmingham venues Island, The Victoria, Bodega and Marmalade amongst others. Offering a wide range of drinks from G & T to cocktails, to real ales and mocktails. The cocktail menu is inventive and the G&T menu enticing. Plus with it’s Alice and Wonderland like courtyard is great in the Summer months. 

The upstairs bar, Dr Jekyll’s Gin Parlour. All dark wood, decadent drinking and a gin infused eat me drink me fusion menu in the latter part of the week is a bar of moral ill repute. See my review here.

It has over 90 gins and offers gin flights and cocktail master classes. 

Downstairs, Mr Hyde’s Main Bar is more retro, quirky and Cosy. Turn up one evening for a quick half and you may stay all night. The bar with cask ales, ciders and cocktails is a jewel of design and for raucous shenanigans can’t be beaten. 

It is here that the main food menu is taken. 

 The Mr Hyde Burger: Sweet Potato and Home made chick pea falafel with sweet chilli sauce was a very good towering veggie burger. 

The Flavours and textures of the burger were spot on. The hold of the burger was fine, stated firm, but soft. The chick pea falafel blended well with the sweet potato and with the sweetness of the chilli sauce for dipping made for a satisfying dinner.  Where the dish fell down was with my fries which were sadly not so crisp and didn’t have much of a potato flavour.  They weren’t the freshest and let the good quality burger down unfortunately. 

Ruth and I also ordered some onion rings on the side which were pleasantly the real deal and were superb. 

The onion rings fully made up for the disappointing chips. 

Yet the burger was a joy and certainly one of the best I’d had in Birmingham with good balanced flavours and was a fitting tribute to Mr Hyde. 

My burger was enjoyed with a pint of hobgoblin Gold and a pint of Sadlers Stout. Both superb beers, with the Gold in particular going well with the burger. 

Eaten in the lovely Jekyll and Hyde pub the veggie burger is to be recommended and taken with keen ales or decadent cocktails makes for a fun quirky evening. 

In fact the pub is unique in Birmingham for its eclectic drinks list and inventive shenanigans. The dark realm of Mr Hyde’s bar is perfect for drinking in the potion of veggieness and the gourmet dining of cold beer, it’s a firm favourite of mine, but please leave out your chips from Dr Jekyll’s microwave.

28 Steelhouse lane, City Centre, Birmingham, B4 6BJ. 

0121-236 0345.

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Disclosure: We paid for our own food and drinks. My opinions are honest and accurate of my experience as always.