Spring has sprung, Bistro 1847 launches new Spring menu. 


Birmingham Vegetarian restaurant Bistro 1847 has just launched its new Spring menu. 

Dishes are created around and are inspired by local seasonal ingredients, which means every three months their menus change so the freshest plant-based fare possible can be introduced.  

The newest menu includes dishes that reflect the abundance of produce that’s on offer during Spring in the UK. 

You’ll find starters such as:

Marinated and Chargrilled Aubergine stuffed with Roasted Buckwheat, soya yoghurt, parsley and Sorrel (Vegan) 


Lightly Dusted Goats Cheese with Black Olives, Apples, Celery and Melba Toast.

Mains such as:

Herb Breadcrumb Oyster Mushrooms with Asparagus, Quinoa, and Roasted Garlic Sauce 


Aubergine Steak, Seaweed Butter, Kohl Rabi Coleslaw, and Jersey Royal Potatoes. (Vegan)

For Deserts:

1847 Warm Dark Chocolate Brownie, Chilli Brittle, Pistachio Soil and Basil Syrup (Vegan) 


Single Malt Scotch Whisky Jelly, Strawberries and Caraway Jam, custard, meringue. 

2 courses are £19.50 and 3 courses are £25.00.

A bargain I feel for the quality of cooking and ingredients. 

For the full menus see link below: 


Click to access SummerMenuDesserts2016.pdf

Most dishes can be made Vegan or Gluten Free. 


 The above 5 photos of the new menu courtesy of Bistro 1847 with thanks. 

A Veggie Spring has certainly sprung.

Welcome to Nature. 

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For my previous review of the Winter menu see link below:


Photos from Winter Menu. 

Bistro 1847 also do a Sunday Lunch menu for £17.00 for 3 courses, plus a Express Lunch from Monday-Friday, which is a main course and drink for £10.00. 



The new Spring menus are available in 1847 restaurants in Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton and Bristol. 


Bistro 1847 kickstarts its crowdfunding: New Vegetarian  beginnings. 


Vegetarian 1847 is planning to open this autumn in Liverpool and are looking for support through their Kickstarter campaign. 


Bistro 1847 is also crowdfunding to: 

. Open 1847 Liverpool

. Extend their current sites in Manchester and Birmingham and include their pantry table items to be eaten in the office or at home. 

.  Launch their cookery school, allowing their employees the space to develop their skills, plus open it to the public as a cookery school for those wishing to learn about fresh and foraged ingredients. 

Bistro 1847 launched in Manchester in February 2011 and then in Birmingham in 2013. 

Through fundraising these ambitions may be realised. As banks unfortunately are reluctant to back small companies in these expansion ventures. 

Take a look below for more details:


Recently myself and Ruth were invited to the launch night of their Kickstarter campaign in Birmingham and were treated to a delicious 7 course meal by the team, and had the opportunity to meet and discuss the God with new Head Chef Tony Cridland. 

I’m not going to review every dish but suffice to say we both loved the dishes and particularly a shout out to the 

starter: 63 degree poached egg, chargrilled asparagus and salted baby turnip. 


 And the main: ratatouille, red pepper jus, burnt aubergine purée, polenta hash brown, chard red onion, confit tomato.



We also enjoyed a pre starter: 

Pea purée, basil jam, grapefruit in pastry case and sea salt

Pickled mushroom, chargrilled cucumber

Beetroot soup, coconut creme, with dark chocolate 



Pre Dessert: poppy seed, banana custard, peach rhubarb, micro coriander. 



Apricot and thyme jam, tofu almond creme, sugar, cubed coated strawberries. 



The combinations of ‘foraged, grown and brewed’ ingredients is what makes Bistro 1847 unique and a pioneer in new Vegetarian food.

Bistro 1847 have also introduced a pantry table, for takeaway and eating in at lunchtime as well as the main A La Carte menu. 

Look out for a full review soon on Veggie Foodie of their Spring menu. 

For full details of investment opportunities see here: 


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I was invited to the launch of the 1847 Kickstarter campaign, All food and drinks were complimentary, but I have not been paid to write this blog, I just support Vegetarian food ideals and restaurants.