The Vegan Grindhouse Diner: Crowdfunding campaign launched. 


 Veggie Foodie favourites The Vegan Grindhouse have launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to raise funds to open the first all vegan diner in The West Midlands. See below:

After the success of their weekly Pop up at The Mockingbird in Birmingham for Meat free Monday’s showed the demand in the city for unique vegan food that captures the street food vibe inside, a retro diner to showcase their popular Americana food is a great logical step. Helping to offer more food, more often and spread the Vegan message further through quality and locally sourced and ethical healthy food. 

They currently run a Plant-Based Vegan food truck and can be seen around Birmingham and the Midlands at street food events such as Brum Yum Yum, Digbeth Diner and the monthly MAC food market. They’ve been trading for two years via the truck and are hugely popular with Vegan’s Vegetarian’s and meat eaters. 

They also want to help a local animal sanctuary – Rogue’s Place in Aldridge, West Midlands which was given notice at the end of January 2016 that they have to close down and relocate all of the animals as they don’t own the land. They have done some amazing work rescuing and housing injured, abandoned and rescued animals and The Vegan Grindhouse have been proud supporters of them over the last 12 months. They hope that a donation from the funds raised can help them to find new premises or homes for their residents during this time of crisis for them.

There is a selection of great rewards for contributing to the campaign and other goals if they do not reach their target of £25.000 to open their diner, including a vegan take away shop and new street food van and trailer. 

They plan to open 6 months after the Crowdfunding closes and when premises are identified.

So pledge to help them, Rogue’s Place and Birmingham/West Midlands in getting its first all vegan restaurant.

Please click this link to go to their campaign and share this with everyone you know via social media.

It’s a good cause and helps support a local family business that is a leader in driving the Vegan and meat free message forward in the Midlands. 

The crowdfunder runs until the 27th February.

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Andy 😊

 Photos from The Vegan Grindhouse. 


I was fortunate a couple of weeks ago to be offered a complimentary selection of Yipsy Macarons to sample which I was most pleased about by Angela Yip-founder of Yipsy Macarons.

Fuelled by her passion for baking and love for Macarons Yipsy was founded by Angela Yip who left the world of finance and set up her own business making macarons.

Macarons are light, small meringue cookies made of almond flour, egg white, and sugar in a smooth colourful shell with little ‘feet’ sandwiched by a tasty ganache, buttercream, or curd filling. They come in different flavours.

They are not to be confused with macaroons that have no filling and are made from honey and coconut.

Angela delivered the macarons to me herself and they came in a secure pack of six different flavours, presented beautifully and peeking out of the packaging very temptingly.

I wasn’t allowed to open them until Ruth came home from work, so had to put them out of temptations way until the evening. 🙂

They came in six different flavours, they were superb and so pretty and suitable for vegetarians.

Not only did they look stunning on the plate, but were perfect little morsels of sweet seduction. They just melted in the mouth, each one unique, the flavours were delicious, the strawberry and pistachio and chocolate went down well. They were chewy, creamy and crisp, very indulgent and perfectly handmade.

Yipsy Macarons are available from their website as a atreat for yourself, a loved one, or for a party or wedding. They make a lovely gift for a food loving friend or partner. Ideal for a celebration or as a wedding centre piece.

Prices start at 12 macarons for £15.00, great value for the handmade craft involved.

The Macarons are wrapped with secure packaging and hand delivered in the West Midlands or within 2 days via Royal Mail for £4.00.

They can be gift wrapped for an extra £2.00.

See the website for full details of packages and offers.

For that special indulgence that is different and perfectly handmade they can’t be beat.

The best macarons we had ever tasted was the comment:)

Thanks to Angela for the sample pack of Yipsi Macarons Ruth and I loved them and look forward to re ordering soon.

@yipsymacarons Twitter

Mobile: 07707109901

The Macarons were a complimentary sample. No product review was requested. All opinions are my own and honest.